The Fight Against Kidney Disease

Fighting Kidney Disease

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In recent times diabetes has become so commonplace that diabetic kidney disease, also known as nephropathy, has overtaken high blood pressure as the leading cause of the kidney failure across the world.

Kidney failure is quite a serious matter. The function of the kidney is to simply filter waste products as well as excess fluids from the circulating blood in your body. In case the kidney fails, your survival largely depends on either dialysis or else a kidney transplant. 

High levels of blood glucose may damage the blood vessels all over your body, including those tiny blood vessels that usually do the kidney’s filtering. Once those small vessels are damaged, they cannot carry out their work properly. High blood pressure may result, making the problem worse, hence damaging most of the blood vessels and also speeding up the succession of kidney disease. As a result, both kidneys can be affected.

Types of kidney disease

For individuals who have suffered kidney disease before, they know very well how critical it is to prevent. Kidney disease can actually be either temporary or permanent. In other words, it can either be regarded as “acute kidney failure” (also known as acute renal failure) and “chronic kidney failure”.

With acute kidney failure, the role of the kidneys is quickly lost and may occur from a number of stresses on the body, most of which are closely related to the diet. However, others are not directly related to the diet which are usually brought on by other diseases or illnesses. 

General pre-renal grounds of the kidney disease include:

  • Dehydration from the excess fluid loss such as flu, diarrhea, sweating and gastroenteritis. 
  • Dehydration from inadequate or lack of fluid intake.
  • Pain killers, other types of medication and also excess sodium or potassium or protein.
  • Obstruction of the kidney arteries as well as veins causing unsuited blood flow.
  • Hypovolemia from the excess blood loss


General pre-renal causes of the renal failure include:

  • Having any kind of restriction mostly in the bladder may cause back-flow to your kidneys. This may cause a chain of events ranging from infection to totally damaging your kidneys due to the excess pressure.
  • Cysts, blockages, and tumors in the abdomen may form barriers in the region of the ureters.
  • Several age related obstructions, cancers, and other tumors around the bladder may as well cause renal failure.
  • Having kidney stones don’t affect the kidney directly, but they can increase the risk and also cause lots of additional strain on your kidneys. To make matters worse, if you get a kidney stone, it may need to “pass out” through your urethra and bladder. This can be a painful process (to put it mildly), and will require consultation with your GP. At which point you may not be worrying too much about how short your penis is, because you’ve got other things to worry about! 


Symptoms of the kidney failure

It’s sometimes hard to detect kidney disease since it doesn’t always show obvious symptoms. Poor dieting and also malnutrition are the main causes of kidney disease. Individuals should be able to understand the general symptoms of the conditions when they urinate. For the most part fluid retention, onset of weakness, some wild pain and also slight discomfort when urinating are the primary symptoms. 



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